A New Year - A New Perspective

I do my best thinking when I’m taking long walks alone. It is during this time that I allow myself to explore thoughts and ideas, uninterrupted by chatter and distractions. I think about anything and everything, and often, I think about what I want to paint. The changing of the seasons, with it’s display of colors, the textures of the landscape, the shadows dancing around me, even the cracks on the sidewalk, inspire me. I return from these walks with a clear head, excited to sketch and make notes in my painting journal.

6 months ago, we brought home a new addition to our family – A bouncing baby labrador retriever named Finn, and just like that, gone were those long, contemplative walks. Instead, I now find myself focussing on NOT tripping over uneven sidewalks, while restraining a pup from darting into traffic and making friends with every dog in our path. My arms and shoulders no longer ache from vigorously brushing my arm across a canvas. They now hurt from chucking the tennis ball hundreds of times across a field for a dog who doesn’t know the word ‘quit’. But in love with him we all fell, and I neglected to post new work on my website.

So, now it’s 2017, and time to focus again on doing what I love.  With a new year comes a new perspective. I am feeling settled in a new home – did I forget to mention we moved after living in the same house for 21 years? I am ready to paint full time, again.

I’m now giving myself permission to loosen up, listen to my gut, and place trust in my work. I am excited about this new series I’ve been working on; worrying less about the rules and whether or not people will ‘like it’; instead, allowing myself to be vulnerable, take risks, and embrace all that this new year has to offer.

A Bientôt,


Chelsea Glowacki