Snowed In


This past weekend’s snowstorm dumped 14″ of snow over this beautiful city. I can’t recall the last time it snowed this much, but I know it was before the last chick flew out of the nest. Back then, most snow days were filled with kids filtering in and out of the house all day, making hot cocoa and snow cream, mopping up wet spots left on the floor from all the children’s gear, and warm evenings watching favorite movies by the fire. There was a quiet stillness in our home this year, and I took advantage of this peacefulness and painted. I started on Friday as the first flurries fell and painted all through the weekend. To counter the blanket of white that surrounded me, I chose to paint with bright and vivid colors. These mixed media pieces are small, ranging in size from 5-10″. They will go to the framer as soon as I can get my car out of the driveway…


Á bientôt!

Chelsea Glowacki