Crazy Love


I just completed my first painting for the New Year, entitled, “Crazy Love”. It’s a tryptic and it’s big – 60 x 48. I love painting large pieces; it allows me the freedom to really move my body and arm across the canvas. I had to start this painting on the floor, something I don’t generally do, but as I only have one easel, and my subject needed to flow from one canvas to the other, it was the only way. I got lost in this one, like I often do. Every time I looked up, a few hours had passed. I started it the day before my youngest daughter headed back to college. After she left, I felt that void that often comes when children leave home, and out came the brushes again. Painting can be very meditative and soothing- most of the time. Sometimes, I want to pull my hair out! Why isn’t this working? Why am I drawing a blank? But not this time. The colors flowed easily for me and I felt energized and renewed.

Ruth & Ollie needed a large piece for their “Ollie” window and that’s where “Crazy Love” went. I think she looks quite lovely behind that Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sofa, and check out those crazy ostrich feather pillows from Dransfield & Ross! Are they not amazing? Next time you’re traveling through Carytown, stop by and check out the window!

Á bientôt!


Chelsea Glowacki